Your baby's first year and the leaps

‘Baby’s First Year Diary‘ is a unique addition to The Wonder Weeks book and app. Thoughtful prompts encourage you to track the milestones that matter most, while offering plenty of room to note your own thoughts and feelings as you watch your child’s magical journey.

The questions help you observe the specific characteristics of each leap. How does your baby discover the world? What did he do? How did he react? What was he looking at Don’t know the answer right away? Wait and see how your baby handles this aspect of his/her development before you answer the question. You will see that this diary will become a precious keepsake for years to come and the best book you ever write

An eye for the little things

  • A leap chart showing when a leap starts and ends
  • Charming illustrations and a gender-neutral design
  • Fill-in lists to capture everything about your baby’s development
  • Includes space for you to write letters to your little one that you both can enjoy later in life
  • Enough space to add photos