Leap 3: following sounds and movements

When I look at the pictures from when our son Rolf was born, I think: you have really changed in three months. Besides, we both have to get used to this new world. Also for me in my new role as a mother. All the clichés I was told about during my pregnancy are true. For example: where a child is born, a mother is also born.

Leap 3: a challenge

In my new role as a mother, I have been challenged from time to time. The past period has been mostly about finding out Rolf’s needs. Is he hungry? Are there cramps? Is he too cold? Would he like to take a nap? I had a complete day job with it, interpreting his cryptic baby behavior.

Especially during a leap. Then he was really clingy and because of that he always wanted to be with me, squeezing his hand around my finger or in my arm. I wouldn’t really call it crying, but he does get restless faster and doesn’t want to play on his own, but stays close to me in the baby carrier. It is his favorite place at that time.

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Somehow I love that feeling, that clinging, but the days were also intense at times. Everything I had planned, I could cancel. Unless his daddy is around because he is certainly just as good and a more than adequate alternative for Rolf. It’s nice to alternate sometimes in our new roles as parents. That way we still manage to catch up on some hours of sleep. In addition, his dad often gives the first morning bottle to Rolf, so I don’t have to get up from bed earlier, when I am due for another session of pumping.

During a leap, I experience that his sleeps are more restless and shorter, even though he can already sleep through the night so well. This also means shorter nights for me. I feel the need to join him for his afternoon nap when he’s going through this.

Following every move Bo makes

I only realized it a few days later when he laughs hard again. It was a leap. He then manages to turn his face with the sound. Our amazing dog Bo is now also completely used to this new family situation and Rolf follows everything Bo does with his eyes. Furthermore, we chat whole conversations in baby language with each other, his smiles make us understand each other. Playing in his babygym is less wooden and he grabs different toys, only to discover them with his mouth. We play new games, like riding a horse on my lap. A beautiful smile I get in return. I keep watching him with fascination to see how he learns new skills step by step.

In addition, I notice that when I fold his little hands in my hands, he has more strength to get into a sitting position. Of course, I help him with this and support the wobbling motion of his head. I am so enjoying his progress, all the clutching and comforting moments were worth it, you were in your leap.

Part of motherhood

Having a baby is a special time full of growth and development. It feels challenging for me at times, but I think it’s important to remember that it’s all part of motherhood. So I thoroughly enjoy this wonderful time and am incredibly proud of all the milestones Rolf is achieving.

Photo taken by: @lisasnipfotografie

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