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Fun days out for the family

After sitting inside for so long, I’m sure you’d love a change of scenery! And what could possibly beat a nice day out with your family? Days out with your child are a lovely way to spend quality time together as a family and for your child to experience new things. Even tiny babies can have great fun on days out, as they see so many things for the very first time. And it’s easy to find things to do that don’t cost much money or are even free! Read on for a list of the best days out for your baby, toddler or child.

Day trips out with your baby or toddler

Babies love discovering new environments, gaining new experiences and getting to know the world. Wondering how you and your baby could have the most fun? If so, read on!

1. Petting zoos

Babies and children love animals! If your baby is still very tiny, then take them out of their buggy, pram or carrier and let them see everything around them. If your baby is a little bigger, then you could try imitating the animal noises together. You could also stroke the rabbits or feed the goats.

2. Swimming

Babies love the water! And why wouldn’t they, they just spent 9 months swimming in amniotic fluid! Taking a dip with your little one is a great way to relax. Be sure to find a swimming pool with water warm enough for your baby so they don’t get too cold.

3. On your bike!

Once your child is able to sit independently, you can go cycling together. When the weather’s nice, it’s wonderful to enjoy a bike ride with baby! It’s good for parents to get out of the house and it opens up whole new worlds for your child.

4. A walk in the park or the woods

Enjoy a nice walk together to admire the trees, the leaves and the creepy-crawlies! A walk in the woods can mean difficult terrain for buggies or prams, so make sure you take a baby carrier or sling.

5. Go out for coffee or lunch

For a change of scenery, why not go out for a cup of coffee or for lunch? Of course, you could go to a café or restaurant but you could also go to a friend or family member’s house. Enjoy a nice drink and/or snack while your baby looks around to discover new faces and sounds.

The most important thing when planning trips out with your baby or toddler is to keep their needs in mind, such as feeds, naps and comfort. Make sure you include plenty of rest periods and ensure your schedule is flexible as your baby’s needs could change at any moment!

"When selecting your day trip, consider your child’s needs and interests. Choose an activity that is appropriate for their age and ensure sufficient rest and relaxation during the day out".

Going around town with your toddler

Trips with your toddler can be a lot of fun and highly stimulating.

1. Visit a museum

There are many museums focusing on small children in the Netherlands. Museums like these are easily accessible for prams and buggies and all of the exhibits are fascinating for little ones. The best choice is a museum where your child doesn’t just see things, they can also do things, for example, baking bread at the bakery museum or playing with water at the water museum.

2. Playgrounds

There are usually playgrounds in every neighbourhood for your child to run around and play. Sliding down the slide 100 times, climbing on everything, jumping around and getting seasick from the see-saw: the playground never gets boring!

3. A day out at the beach or lake

Take a refreshing walk along the beach with your child. A bit of fresh air and a stretch of the legs will do anyone a power of good. If the sun is shining, grab your bucket and spade and go make sandcastles!

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4. Reading books (at home or at the library)

Reading books with your child is always a fantastic idea. You can easily do this at home, but why not make it a day out by going to the library? Library cards are free for children under 18. In addition, libraries often organise special days to make it a really special day trip!

5. Go for a picnic

If the sun is shining, grab some delicious drinks and snacks and go for a picnic! You could do this in your own garden, which is far more fun than your dining room! If you don’t have a garden, why not find a nice park nearby? Take a ball and a blanket and a great day is guaranteed!

6. Children’s films in the cinema

Cinemas regularly show films suitable for two and three-year-olds, so why not take your child for a wonderful cinematic experience?! Bring some snacks from home or buy a small box of popcorn to make the experience complete.