Tips for the holidays with small children

Do’s and don’ts for the holidays when you have a baby, toddler and preschooler

Are you dreading the holidays with your baby, toddler or preschooler? We have made a list with all the do’s and don’ts during the holidays to help you get through these fun, but sometimes stressful holidays with your little one.

The poinsettia is always extremely popular around the holidays. The poinsettia is of course very colorful and cozy, but did you know this plant is very poisonous? Are you having a extensive Christmas dinner and do you expect your little one to remain seated at the table all evening? This is how you survive the holidays with your baby, toddler or preschooler!

Before the holidays

To start the holidays well, it is important to prepare yourself and your child in advance. So you can both know what to expect during those days.

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  • Start by not having too high expectations of your child. For example, it is unrealistic to think that your little one will sit quietly at the table all evening or be pleasant all day long, not be tired and be quiet and calm. If you prepare yourself for this in advance, it can only tun out better.
  • If your child is already a bit older, from the age of 3, you can prepare him for the holidays in a fun way like a advent calendar! This way you can count down the days until the holidays together and you can also have something fun to unwrap every day. For example, choose a calendar with a chocolate or a toy inside. Success guaranteed!

The do’s during the holidays

  • Take everything easy. Sleep in (as far as that is still possible with small children) and laze around in your pajamas before all the hustle and bustle begins.
  • Let your toddler or preschooler help decorate the table and the room, go wild with lights and garlands.
  • If you are having an extensive Christmas dinner, let your little one decorate the menu cards. Have fun crafting with colored paper, markers and glitters.
  • Let your baby, toddler or preschooler play between the various dishes. He’s really too young to be quiet during the entire dinner.

    One of the most fun ways to spend time together during the holidays is through games. Games that also stimulate your child’s new skills! These are fun games to play together at each leap.
  • Are you going to a lunch or brunch and does your child sleep during the day? Take a travel cot with you. Or are you going to a dinner which ends later than the normal bed time for your child? The travel cot is a great solution. If you think this is inconvenient, make sure the dinner is at your house and your little one can sleep in his own bed.
  • Some children don’t like the busy holidays at all. It is best to just let your child do his own thing as much as possible. And in that case, don’t plan too much on these days.
  • Have your child sit at the end of the table, so he can easily do something else without bothering other people.
  • Create a place where your little one can play. Make sure this place is where you can keep an eye on him.
  • If the adults or big kids haven’t finished eating yet, but the little ones have, put on a nice movie for them, for example.
  • For for an artificial tree when you have a little one. The needles of a real tree can sometimes be sharp and often they fall on the ground so they can put it in their mouth.
  • Always secure your tree properly. For example, place bricks around it (and wrap them up, so it looks like gifts).
  • Go outside with your child between the activities. A breath of fresh air often works wonders!
  • Use LED candles instead of real ones.
  • Stick to the normal sleeping times of your little one as best as possible. Your child will feel most comfortable with this.
  • Another option is to let your child eat before your own dinner so you can eat quietly when your child is asleep.

The most important thing: try to enjoy the holidays with your little one, family and friends!

The don’ts during these cozy, but stressful days

In addition to the do’s, there are of course also a number of don’ts for the holidays with a little one. The tip is: do what feels best for you.

  • A poinsettia is poisonous and that can be dangerous for your child. If you would like to place this for ambience, place it where your child can’t reach it.
  • Do not use spray snow at reach height, as this is also poisonous (it can look like whipped cream to your little one).
  • Try to hang or place decorations at a height where your little one can’t reach.
  • Do not use glass baubles in your tree. It is better to buy plastic or wooden balls and figures for the Christmas tree. Of course, your child can help decorate the tree, make this a fun and enjoyable activity.
  • Candles cause a nice ambient and especially with Christmas, but be careful with fire and make sure that your baby, toddler or preschooler can’t burn themselves!
  • Do not use a tablecloth that your child can pull on!
  • Don’t fly from here to there. Provide enough relaxing moments for yourself and your little one. Is your agenda completely filled during the holidays? It is better to cancel one or two appointments and make sure your baby (and you) can rest and relax sufficiently.
  • Do not leave glasses with alcohol residue anywhere through the house. When your little one can crawl or walk he can easily take the glass and take a sip.

But the most important thing during the holidays: enjoy your little one and your family. Make it as easy as possible for your child (and yourself) and don’t feel guilty by cancelling some appointments!

Happy Holidays!

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