Top 20 Baby Brain Tips

You probably have a global idea of what brains are for. But there are many interesting facts you probably were not aware of.

What is really amazing about your baby brain

  1. The brain grows more during the first two years of life than in any other year.
  2. The brain doubles in volume during the first year.
  3. By the age of one, the brain is already 60% of the volume of an adult brain!
  4. In the womb, the brain grows faster than any other organ.
  5. During pregnancy there are times when your baby produces no fewer than 250,000 neurons and brain cells per minute!
  6. Recent research has shown that all brain cells are present at birth! Some researchers believe that almost all neurons are present.
  7. Some studies demonstrate that the brain is fully grown at 18 years old, others state 22 years.
  8. The brain contains 100 billion neurons and 100 billion glial cells.
  9. The more and stronger the connections between the brain cells, the better the brain functions.
  10. If you blink your eyes the whole world does not go completely dark. That is because your brain continually ‘shines a light on it’.
  11. Your brain is shaken awake by yawning. The yawn sends a rush of oxygen to your brain, cooling it down and thus shaking it awake.
  12. Your brain uses 10 to 23 Watts when awake. In other words: enough to power a light bulb!
  13. Men and women’s brains respond differently to pain.
  14. There are 1,000,000 neurons in a piece of brain tissue that is the size of a grain of salt.
  15. The brain is the fattest organ of all and contains 60% fat.
  16. Your brain uses 20% of all our oxygen.
  17. The information transported in our brain, reaches a speed of approximately 268 miles per hour.
  18. The brain cannot feel pain.
  19. The brain consists of 100 trillion neurons.
  20. The brain is actually king and master: it determines and arranges everything for the whole body.

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