Leap 3: She has always been a perfect baby

Sarah, (24)  (mumofzoey__)  from Tasmania. I gave birth to my baby girl, Zoey Addison on the 1st of March 2018. I’m currently on a years maternity leave, spending my days soaking up precious moments with Zoey and writing about my experience as a first time Mum.

Leap 3: She has always been a perfect baby

Refusing to go to sleep

Currently, my daughter Zoey is going through the 4-month sleep regression/the 4th mental development leap. Zoey has always been a perfect baby. She’s slept throughout the night from about 4-5 weeks old, she only ever cried when she was hungry or tired and then would quickly be resolved by feeding or putting her to sleep.

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At the moment, she’s sleeping for probably about half an hour during the day, all up. Refusing to actually go to sleep, and must get so exhausted from the screaming/crying she does all day when I try to put her to sleep.

She hasn’t been feeding off my breast either, I’ve had to pump and bottle feed which is unlike her. Of a night time its much worse, she arches her back, goes as stiff as a board, screams the roof off and refuses the dummy the majority of the time.

She usually self-soothes herself too, by sucking/chewing on her hand but even that isn’t enough to settle her down. BUT in saying all of this, those 5-10 minute naps bring out the happiest and most giggly baby for a good hour before she starts cracking up again.

Smoother Transition

On the plus side, Zoey’s mental development has seemed to expand!

She’s now bringing toys and her hands to her mouth in a much smoother transition, she’s turning her head to her name and can tell where sounds are coming from. She’s also mastered the art of blowing raspberries (god bless).

She loves a good chat and will get so excited when someone is showing her their undivided attention by kicking her legs and waving her arms with a little cackle.

She absolutely loves sitting in front of the TV watching the Wiggles with the different colors and movements, if I kept her in front of the TV all day, it wouldn’t bother her in the slightest!

She has always been the perfect baby


I always felt so lucky with Zoey (I still do), I honestly take my hat off to those mums who have a constant unsettled baby.

I get so emotionally exhausted from Zoey having these bad stints, it breaks my heart that she’s so unhappy. As any parent would know, all you want is for your child to be the happiest they can be in their lives.

According to my Wonder Weeks App, I have 30 days to go of the 4th leap and god knows how long to go of the sleep regression…. wish me luck!”

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