Leap 8: Read the Small Print

“The onsets may vary by a week or two, but you can be sure of their arrival.”

Each time I cracked open the Wonder Weeks Book, I was reminded of this quote. Being a typical mother that is convinced of her child’s perfection, I always skimmed over that ‘warning’ because I knew my child would follow the schedule like clockwork. All I needed to do was count down the days using my Wonder Weeks App to know when the sunny skies were coming. Or so I thought.

When Leap 8 started, I read that it has two fussy phases. We got through the first fussy phase, although it was a struggle. Let’s just say there was nothing ‘happy’ about Charlize’s 1st birthday. Her Halloween themed party was certainly a fright!

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However, as the app counter ticked down to zero, I did not notice Charlize showing signs of a 2nd fussy phase. Was my child so amazing that she actually breezed through the second half of the leap without a fuss? Each day that my app got closer to zero, my hopes got higher and my pride swelled.

Then it happened: my app changed from ‘1 day left of leap’ to 30 something days until the next leap. YES! We did it! Charlize beat the system!!

Wait… what was that noise? Oh, it was Charlize… crying… hysterically… at 4 in the morning. Suddenly it dawned on me: Charlize’s fussy phase kicked in AFTER the leap should have been over. We went through a week of Charlize waking up every night at 4 and being extremely cranky in the day.

It’s starting to get a bit easier now but I must say I have learned my lesson about ‘reading the small print’, especially when it comes to the Wonder Weeks!

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