Facial care during pregnancy

Your skin requires more care during pregnancy than before.

When you are pregnant, all kinds of (new) hormones will go through your body. You can clearly see and feel that. Some women actually become more beautiful during pregnancy, while others suffer from the less pleasant side of hormones for several months. Facial care during pregnancy is very important.

Uneven skin texture

You will notice that you can get an uneven skintexture. You can camouflage these very well with a concealer or camouflage cream. Camouflage cream often works better because it is less greasy. After all, during pregnancy, your skin is already a bit oilier than usual.

Red spots

Just as the uneven texture on your skin is more noticeable during pregnancy, you will also notice that the red spots on your face are more noticeable. You can also cover up those spots with camouflage cream. But do you know what works even better? A special concealer that is pastel green in color and made especially for this purpose.

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During pregnancy, your body produces more sebum. Therefore, you need to cleanse your skin extra well. Take an hour for yourself once in a while. Dampen a guest towel and heat it in the microwave. Lie back and place the center of the cloth just under your chin and the tips over your eyes. Your mouth and nostrils will remain clear. After ten minutes the pores are well open and splash some water over your face. Now scrub the skin and rinse it well. Apply a mask and lie back and relax with a cup of tea. The excessive sebum is gone and you feel like you’ve been reborn!

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