Last month of pregnancy

Since your belly is now absolutely the main focus in your last month of pregnancy, you have no choice but to fully take it into account.

Therefore, the last month of pregnancy is one of complete surrender.

“What were you saying again?

Are you a little forgetful, dreamy or introspective? That’s what almost every pregnant woman has done in the last month of pregnancy. Your thoughts can be quite occupied by: “What will it be like?”, “When will it happen?”… Maybe it helps to occasionally make a list of what you still want to do or what needs to be arranged.

Besides being forgetful, you are often tired as well. Feel free to explain to others that you do not sleep well and are therefore not so rested. Do not worry too much and give yourself the space to do things your way and at your own pace.

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You can go on a short walk

Most physical sports are too hard to do now, but if you take them (very) easy, you can still do many sports until the end of your pregnancy. It is good to keep walking, biking, and swimming (at your own pace) until the last day: but be careful not to force anything!

Try not to do too much

  • Stop lifting heavy things, such as grocery bags. If there is no one who can do this for you, watch your posture when lifting. Bend your knees. Don’t put your legs side by side, but one leg slightly in front of the other. This gives your belly more room when lifting.
  • Limit housekeeping to light chores. Cleaning the shower floor, washing windows (up and down the stairs), vacuuming the stairs… it’s best to let that kind of chore aside. Is there someone nearby who can do this for you?

Go out when you feel like it

Even though the due date is approaching, don’t lock yourself in the house. Why should you? Labor really does announce itself well in advance (most of the time). So you can go shopping, have a warm tea, take a walk or go to the movies!

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