Pregnancy Guide

Your complete pregnancy guide to every week of your pregnancy. Choose your week and read detailed informations about your pregnancy. In this post will get a resume for our Pregnancy Week by Week.

Pregnancy Guide: Week 1

Pregnancy Week 1: Not really pregnant yet

Not really pregnant yet

The first week of your pregnancy is very special. And that’s because even though you are not technically pregnant you still count this week as week 1! We start counting from now because you can’t predict the exact day you conceived. But we do know that you are most fertile in the middle of your cycle when ovulation takes place.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 2

Pregnancy Weeks 2 - The egg is fertilized!

The egg is fertilized!

Women with a regular four-week cycle ovulate at the end of this week. You have two fine tubes, called fallopian tubes, leading from the ovaries and the eggs cells are at the end of these fallopian tubes. Every month an egg cell ripens. When it ripens, the egg cell ‘erupts’ from the fallopian tube, which is called ovulation.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 3

Pregnancy Week 3 - Your body makes the hormone HCG

The first signs

You may already be noticing the effect hormones are having on your body and mood. It’s all very natural. From the moment the egg cell is fertilized, your body sets to work creating a safe place in the womb for baby to grow. You will start noticing some of those ailments already. Please note: not everyone experiences these discomforts!

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 4

Pregnancy Week 4: Time to test

The litle one is in your belly

At fertilization, the egg cell and sperm cells melted together and since then they have divided numerous times: two cells became four, four became eight, eight became sixteen. So, by now there is a clump of cells. Something particularly special occurs around the 25th day.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 5

Pregnancy Week 5: Pregnancy disorders sick and tired

Pregnancy ailments: nausea and tiredness

If you were able to see inside your belly, you would be really surprised with everything that is going on! Not only is your womb developing into a safe place for baby to grow, but your belly baby is also developing rapidly. In a few weeks there has been a veritable transformation.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 6

Pregnancy Week 6: The little heart of the baby is knocking

Your baby’s heart is beating!

If you could listen to what is going on inside you, you would be able hear the heart! From this week on your baby’s heart is beating and baby has primitive blood circulation. That does not mean that your baby’s heart is pumping blood around its body; it’s still too early for that.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 7

Pregnancy Week 7 -The Wonder Weeks

Your womb makes room for baby

You may only be seven weeks pregnant but you baby is growing dramatically. Only a few weeks ago, baby looked like a tadpole but baby now has upper lips! Baby’s whole face is starting to form and it will become more defined in the time ahead.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 8

Pregnancy Week 8: Surprised by the Tiredness

Frequent surprise visits from the Sandman

This week your baby will devote more attention to developing the bones. Baby already had a skeleton of flexible bones, but this week the bones start ossifying.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9: Your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding

Your breasts prepare for breastfeeding

Your baby is busy strengthening and refining the bones in their body. You can see the results in baby’s face. The proportions and refinement of the facial bone structure has turned them into a super cute baby.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10: Vitamin for Your Pregnancy

Take supplements for pregnant women

The skull, the bones around baby’s head, are not so ossified that they have become white. They are still fairly transparent so the brain is visible through the skull!

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11: You can feel your womb

You can feel your womb

Your baby has now completed the first significant stage in their development. During the first ten weeks, the basis for everything has been laid. In fact, you actually have a complete mini-person in your belly.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 12

Pregnancy Week 12: You can hear your baby's heartbeat

You can hear the heart beating

If you could see inside your belly, you would be able to tell whether you are having a son or daughter! Your baby’s gender was of course set at conception but this week, the external sexual organs are visible.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 13

Pregnancy Week 13: Your body is accustomed to being pregnant

Your body is used to being pregnant

Your baby is now 2.91 inches and weighs 0.81 ounces. Baby is already a complete person. At the end of this week, baby will have everything that they need inside and out, though of course your baby is still too small to be born.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14: The fingers and toes are getting more and more shape

The fingers and toes take shape

This week, the placenta takes over the job of the yolk sac. The placenta provides your baby with nutrition and oxygen. The things you eat and drink pass into your blood and then through your blood to the placenta and therefore to your baby.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 15

Pregnancy Week 15: Your baby is now a fetus

Your baby bump is now a fetus

Up until now, your belly baby was officially called an ‘embryo’, which is the medical term for your little miracle. From this week, the official name is ‘fetus’, which is Latin for ‘child’.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 16

Pregnancy Week 16: HCG makes place for the hormone progesterone

HCG makes way for the hormone progesterone

Your baby is and continues to be busy with the biggest growth spurt of their life. Baby is now 4.57 inches long and weighs 3.53 ounces. Baby’s whole body no longer fits entirely on the image of an ultrasound!

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 17

Pregnancy Week 17: Do not do Abdominal Exercises

You can do sport, but avoid stomach exercises

The outside of baby’s body is growing like a weed but inside everything is growing and developing at a rapid rate, too. In baby’s stomach and torso, many organs work already.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 18

Pregnancy Week 18: Abdomen, Buttocks, Breasts: Your body is being changed

Your body is becoming rounder

A few weeks ago, you read that your baby opened their mouth occasionally and carefully started practicing swallowing. Baby still didn’t swallow properly, but baby does now! Baby will occasionally swallow some amniotic fluid.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 19

Pregnancy Week 19: Heartburn? Take healthy snacks

Heartburn? Eat healthy snacks

If you were able to take a peek in your belly, you’d see a very wrinkly baby. This is because no subcutaneous tissue has formed. That tissue is responsible for a nice smooth skin. What Causes Heartburn?

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 20

Pregnancy Week 20: Do you feel your baby already?

Can you feel your baby?

Your now 6.46 inches long baby has real nails at this point. Although, they are not quite the same as ours nails yet. They are much softer and comparable to thin membranes.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 21

Pregnancy Week 21: Your baby can hear

Your baby can hear

From this week, your baby can hear! They of course don’t hear things in the same way as we do, but from now, they can hear daily sounds much better and baby starts getting used to these sounds.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 22

Pregnancy Week 22: Eating for two is really not necessary

No need to eat for two

Your baby is growing like a weed! So well in fact, you can probably feel baby more often and better. It’s a wonderful feeling. Place your hand on your belly when you feel baby move and take a moment to enjoy the miracle growing inside of you.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 23

Pregnancy Week 23: Your baby is as long as a ruler!

Your baby is as long as a ruler!

By now your baby is the size of a ruler. Baby now measures (on average) 11.38 inches and weighs about the same as a pack of sugar, so around 1.10 pounds. Their body is not only growing in size but also in strength.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 24

Pregnancy Week 24: Avoid stress and take adequate rest

Avoid stress and get plenty of rest

Your baby is getting more beautiful by the day. Baby already has eyelashes and very fine eyebrows and the neck is now free from the torso. A big difference between your baby in this week and in the later weeks of the pregnancy is baby’s ‘chubbiness’.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 25

Pregnancy Week 25: Your baby has a different sleep and wake rhythm

Your baby has a different sleeping and waking rhythm

From this week your baby has a sleeping and waking rhythm. That means that baby has a specific, reasonably regular pattern of sleeping and waking. Unfortunately, the pattern doesn’t match your rhythm. They are almost opposite!

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 26

Pregnancy Week 26: Pay extra attention to your posture

Watch your posture!

You will surely recall that first cute, subtle little kick you felt. You were so happy. That lovely, gentle little kick is now quite a hefty kick. If your baby gives a good kick with their leg, you will feel it.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 27

Pregnancy Week 27: Your baby perceives sounds

Your belly baby is aware of sounds

For a few weeks now, your baby has been able to hear the sounds they hear around them. They now start learning to discern those sounds better. Baby will even prefer certain sounds over others and will like lower tones more because they reverberate better in the belly.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 28

Pregnancy Week 28: More often to the midwife

More frequent visits to the midwife

If your baby were to be born now they would have good chance of survival, but only with the help of medical care. Your baby is now 14.8 inches and weighs 2.22 pounds.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 29

Pregnancy Week 98: Need for cocoons

Starting to nest

After this week, your baby will look less wrinkly as baby is now forming the subcutaneous tissue. In order to protect their newly-acquired smooth skin against continual exposure to the amniotic fluid, baby will produce a substance that will cover the skin.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 30

Pregnancy Week 30: Suffer from your lower back and pelvis

Lower back and pelvic discomfort

Your baby is now 15.71 inches and weighs 2.91 pounds. Baby is active in your belly. For instance, baby may be sucking their thumb. And with some babies you can see the results of that after birth.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 31

Pregnancy Week 31: You are sensitive and emotional

You are sensitive and emotional

Your baby is now 16.18 inches and weighs 3.31 pounds. Baby is starting their final major growth spurt before birth.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 32

Pregnancy Week 32: Your dreams are intense

Your dreams are intense

Your baby is now 16.69 inches long and weighs 3.75 pounds. Baby keeps on growing every day you are pregnant. If baby were to be born next week they would probably be fine without any medical intervention.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 33

Pregnancy Week 33: Do you already have a nesting urge?

Are you nesting?

This week your baby is 17.2 inches and weighs around 4.23 pounds. If your baby were to be born now, the delivery would probably take place in a hospital with your OB GYN, but a premature birth now shouldn’t have any major consequences,

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 34

Pregnancy Week 34: On maternity leave

Maternity leave!

Your baby is now 17.72 inches long and weighs about 4.73 pounds. Baby is now starting the final growth spurt. Your baby’s eyes now function very well and they can distinguish between light and dark.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 35

Pregnancy Week 35: Is your tummy baby already descended?

Has your baby’s head engaged?

Your baby is now completely ‘finished’ and is growing very fast. Baby is now about 18-19 inches and weighs about 5.25 pounds. The only organ that baby is still busy developing is the brain.

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Pregnancy Guide: Week 36

Pregnancy Week 36: Separation or amniotic fluid?

Discharge or amniotic fluid?

Your baby was already ‘finished’ but from now, baby will mainly gain body fat. Baby is now 18.66 inches long and weighs about 5.78 pounds. Amniotic fluid also has a sweetish odor. You know what to do when you lose amniotic fluid: call the midwife!

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Pregnancy Guide: Weeks 37-41

Pregnancy Week 37-41: Your baby may be born...!

Your baby can be born…!

Many people ask why we base a baby’s mental development on the due date and not on the date a baby is actually born. The reason is that the brain grows at a set pace, whether your baby is born now or is in the belly.

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