Trying to get pregnant; how often and when to have sex?

Once you have decided that you want to try to get pregnant, you naturally hope that it goes smoothly and quickly. Initially, there is no need to have sex on specific days. But, if you really want to know how often and on what days of your cycle you should have sex to ensure that you get pregnant as soon as possible, read this article. 

When you start trying

First of all, try to be as relaxed as possible about the fact that you want to get pregnant. If you’ve just stopped using a hormonal contraceptive (birth control pill, NuvaRing, hormone IUD), it may take some time before you have a normal, regular menstrual cycle. Let sex remain uncomplicated, but do it regularly. Three times a week is a good guideline.

Your most fertile week

Have sex every other day during your fertile week, then there will always be a supply of sperm ready when ovulation occurs. With a four-week cycle (= 28 days), you are most fertile between the ninth and fourteenth day (= ovulation) of your cycle. If you have a five-week cycle, your fertile period is a week later. If you have sex following your cycle, you have a decent chance of being pregnant within twelve months. With an irregular cycle (= sometimes a cycle of 27 days, sometimes a cycle of 31 days) it is more difficult to determine your fertile period. If you have sex three times a week, you increase the chance.

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Below you will find a handy schematic representation of your most fertile days:

How to increase your chances

If you are not pregnant after twelve months or if you want to increase your chances, it is important to pay very close attention to your ovulation, because that is when you are fertile. By now you have stopped using contraceptives for some time, so you should now know what your menstrual cycle is like. You are most fertile just before your ovulation. You can recognize your ovulation by the uterine mucus which has a different structure.

Some women recognize their ovulation because that’s when they feel “ovulation pain,” abdominal pain near the ovaries. Many women also have more “appetite” around their ovulation and their vagina is more moist. This is a tool from mother nature!

To find out when your ovulation is, you can also use an ovulation test. Ovulation tests are available at drugstores and pharmacies. Or calculate your fertile period here.

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