Pregnancy Week 23

By now your baby is the size of a ruler. Baby now measures (on average) 11.38 inches and weighs about the same as a pack of sugar, so around 1.10 pounds. Their body is not only growing in size but also in strength. Baby is training their muscles all day.

There are also many developments inside baby’s head. The brain is continually developing.

Iron deficiency

Because your body is growing so fast and so much additional blood needs to be produced, many women have issues with anemia. That does not mean you don’t have enough blood, but that the levels of iron in your blood are too low.

Pregnancy Week 23

The characteristics of anemia are listlessness, weakness and even dizziness on occasion. You may also look paler and the pink rim of your lower eyelid could be slightly whiter. Your midwife or doctor can test your iron levels, the Hb level, which stands for Hemoglobin. Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency.

You can help your levels by eating healthy iron-rich foods. If that is not enough, your midwife or doctor can prescribe you iron tablets.