Pregnancy Week 32

Your baby is now 16.69 inches long and weighs 3.75 pounds. Baby keeps on growing every day you are pregnant.

If baby were to be born next week they would probably be fine without any medical intervention. It is of course better that baby stays put and grows for a few more weeks.

Your dreams are intense

From now on you will visit the midwife or OB GYN more often, perhaps even every other week. Those checks are very valuable at this time. The midwife or doctor can now clearly see if everything is going well and adjust anything that needs doing. They can for example turn baby if they are lying in the wrong position.

A few more weeks of visiting the midwife or doctor and then it will be time! Your breasts are also preparing for breastfeeding. You may even have leaked some milk. Your dreams may have become very intense and strange lately.

That’s all normal and part of pregnancy. The strangest dreams are well known: you dream you leave your baby behind somewhere or that you want to put them back inside of you if something startles you. You are increasingly aware that you will soon have a little life in your arms for whom you are responsible.