Pregnancy Week 7

Your uterus grows to make room for your baby

You may only be seven weeks pregnant but you baby is growing dramatically. Only a few weeks ago, baby looked like a tadpole but baby now has upper lips! Baby’s whole face is starting to form and it will become more defined in the time ahead. The head has also undergone many developments. The basis of the auditory system has been created, although your embryo cannot hear yet – that will take thirteen weeks. The heart now has four chambers and just like an adult heart, it can pump blood around the body.

Your baby is starting to look like a little person. Baby is even so strong that this week baby will be able to move by themselves for the first time. Unfortunately, you won’t notice that yet. Your baby still has so much room that you can’t feel it. The bumps your baby had on its body have now grown into little arms and legs. And in fact, there are hands and fingers on those arms and feet and toes on the legs! Your baby may be strong, but baby is still only half an inch in size.

Making room!

Even though your baby may not be that large, your womb is. You may have already noticed you have to go to the toilet more often, or you feel like you have to go to the toilet. That is because your womb is pushing on your bladder, giving your body the signal that you need to go the toilet. Your stomach and everything else in your body must readjust itself and everything shifts around a little bit. You are making room for your baby. And in the coming months your body will do this numerous times. Generally, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort but you will notice it.