Capture your baby’s development

Baby’s First Year Diary

In its first year, your baby is developing nonstop. With Baby’s First Year Diary you capture these developments, magical leaps and milestones of your precious little one! From the first fussy phase to your baby’s first word and everything in between: from new skills to toys and games that your baby likes to play with. How did your baby react? What did your baby like to watch or play with? What new skills did your baby learn and in which leap?

Your baby's first year and the leaps

Your baby's first year and the leaps

Filling the pages of this diary is fun and at the same time it makes parents much more aware of the things which their baby is learning at that moment.

The Diary:

  • A leap schedule which indicates the beginning or end of a leap.
  • Great illustrations and a gender-neutral design.
  • Checklists to record everything about your baby’s development.
  • Enough space to paste photos or add nice comments or texts.
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