Introducing: Hormone therapist Jacqueline Steenbeek

Babies! It has always fascinated me how it is possible for a tiny human being to develop in 9 months. That’s why I started my midwifery training in Maastricht in 2008. It was magical to learn everything about pregnancy, childbirth, and being a mother. In 2012 I graduated and started my career as a midwife in the first line. 

Let’s introduce myself:


My name is Jacqueline Steenbeek, I am 34 years old, live in Eemnes with my husband (Derk Boerrigter) and 2 kids (Julia and Dean), and have a company that provides ultrasounds, it’s called Baby Glimpse in Laren! Before I started my current company, I worked for years as a midwife. With a “birth count” of over 800 deliveries, I have seen and experienced a lot. Mostly it were very beautiful deliveries, but unfortunately, I also experienced some less beautiful ones. Pregnancy and childbirth remain a natural process and unfortunately, it does not always go the way we would like it to. 

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Pregnancy, childbirth, and babies remain my greatest passion! It is and always will be so magical what a woman’s body is capable of. In 2017, I became a mother of our daughter for the first time. Having now experienced pregnancy and childbirth myself, you fully realize what your clients go through. In 2020, I was allowed to become a mother for the second time! In both pregnancies I got pregnant in the first month of trying, the pregnancies all went without any complications or ailments and my deliveries also went incredibly smoothly and well! With Julia, my labor took a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes, and with Dean even only 1.5 hours!

Of course, as a midwife, I know that there are many other scenarios about fertility, the course of pregnancy, and the delivery. I also took this into account during my own pregnancies, but I had the “good fortune” that everything went very well and naturally with me. I wish such pregnancies for everyone! 

The next step

After completing my ultrasound course, I started my ultrasound company in Amsterdam in 2017 (after my maternity leave with Julia)! We are focused on making ultrasounds from 6 weeks of pregnancy, sex determinations from 14 weeks, and the most beautiful 3D/4D ultrasounds. Last November, I moved to Laren. Now I can continue my work close to home, which allows me to spend more time with my family. This is worth everything to me.  

Doing nothing is not an option for me, so I was looking for something new to broaden my knowledge even more. So I started a new training to become a hormone therapist. This has given me so many new insights and I would love to share them with you! You have more influence on many things than you might think. 


Hormones control all of your body. They affect all the processes that take place in your body. The statement, “my hormones are driving me crazy,” probably hasn’t escaped your notice. Many pregnant women experience ‘complaints’ during their cycle and especially during their pregnancy, due to the enormous hormone fluctuations. Hormones affect many facets of your body and therefore your mental and physical health. 

In short: 

  • Healthy hormone balance is necessary for getting pregnant  
  • Healthy hormone balance is necessary for the optimal programming and development of a baby  
  • Healthy hormone balance reduces the baby’s risk of developmental or health problems later in life  
  • Healthy hormone balance supports a healthy pregnancy
  • Healthy hormone balance reduces the risk of disease in pregnancy and in her later life
  • Healthy hormone balance supports natural childbirth 
  • Healthy hormone balance supports mental health even after childbirth 
  • Healthy hormone balance supports the breastfeeding period 

Plenty of reasons to make sure your body is hormonally balanced before, during, and after your pregnancy!!

My goal

That’s why I have a goal! ‘To guide all (pregnant) women to hormonal balance, to promote their own HEALTH, and to give all children the most REAL and BEST start possible!’  

Want to know how to do this? Follow me via @jacquelinesteenbeek or send me a message. Through “The Wonder Weeks” I will share more information monthly as a professional about preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery in terms of your health and hormones. 


Jacqueline Steenbeek 

Midwife, Hormone Therapist, Founder Baby Glimpse, Mom of 2 beautiful children.

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