Bathing your baby

Many babies love to take a bath. They can relax in the warm water. Roughly speaking, there are two baths for babies: the “regular” baby bath and a “bucket”. Which bathtub you choose for your baby is a personal choice. But of course, you don’t have to choose: you can also buy both bathtubs for your baby.

Bathing your baby for the first time

When your baby is just born, it is lovely to smell your baby’s own scent. Your baby does not have to be bathed right away. Some babies still have a nice thick layer of skin grease (vernix) which protects their skin well. It’s a special moment when you bathe your baby for the very first time. Be sure to keep your camera handy! The nurse will explain how to hold and wash your baby.

Baby bathtub

An ordinary baby bathtub allows your baby to lie down. You can also use this bath when your baby grows a bit bigger. Your newborn baby may have to get used to bathing in this tub. He is still used to pulling his legs up and this bath is more suitable for ‘stretching’. The baby bathtub has enough room for rubber ducks and other bath toys. Great for when your baby is a little bigger!

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Tummy tub

Your baby spent nine months safe and warm in the womb during pregnancy. Here he sat with his little legs tucked up under his bottom in the fetal position. So don’t be surprised to see your baby relax completely when you put him in a tummy tub with nice warm water. Your baby is sitting upright, so to speak, but he can still move his arms and legs and feel the walls. Just like in the womb! If your little one is restless or suffers from stomach cramps, a bathing session can allow him to relax or reduce the cramps. One disadvantage is that your baby will grow out of this bath after a few months.

Bathing tips

  • Important: NEVER leave your baby alone in the bath. Not even for a few seconds.
  • Make sure the temperature in the room where you bathe your baby is comfortable.
  • The ideal water temperature is 98.6°F. Use a bath thermometer for this.
  • Prepare everything in advance and make sure everything is within reach: washcloth, toiletries, towel.
  • Also, prepare any clothes you want to put on your baby after bathing. To really spoil your baby, hang his bathrobe and clothes on the heater. That way he’ll go from the warm bath to a warm towel, into nice warm clothes in no time. Bet he sleeps in no time?
  • Put your baby on a towel or bathrobe, but dry him with a hydrophilic cloth. This is softer and thinner, allowing you to get between the skin folds better.
  • If necessary, apply baby cream or oil after bathing.

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