Leap 4: The sunshine days

Hannah Marshal, (@wearethemarshals) first time mama to five month old little boy Addison.

What an incredible job

It’s tough being a mother, and everyday there is a new challenge, a new achievement, a new goal, a new development but one thing that I really want to make sure that I am as a mother is positive, when it is a hard and when it is seriously the most incredible job in the world.

Somehow, my beautiful little boy is nearly five months old (20 weeks old) and we have just gotten through the fourth leap according to The Wonder Weeks.

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This leap was probably one of the harder ones yet and throw in a change in sleeping (four month sleep regression/progression), his first cold, plus all of the leap developments, it definitely was one to remember but something

I actually thought I’d share is about the super positive bright time after a leap ~ the sunshine days ?(as shown on the app).

It ended with a bang

So leap 4 finishes around the 19.5 week mark, and for us, it actually ended with a bang because the last couple of days of the leap we were treated to three days of hourly night wake ups and a super fussy baby who screamed every time we put him in the cot for a nap.

I was honestly wondering if that was going to be the new norm but just as I checked my app to find out that leap 4 had officially ended, everything changed!

He was so determined

Suddenly Addison awoke one morning and the best way I can describe it, was that a switch was flicked as he decided he would try all day to roll from back to front.

He was so determined, and practiced the entire day until he successfully could do it. And then when he did, he was so happy and proud, and he hasn’t stopped.

Super busy and active

The next couple of days, there was such an obvious development shift, with him being super busy & active, reaching and grabbing absolutely everything, seemingly knowing exactly what he wants and letting us know if he can’t get it.

He has become more vocal, and we have also been treated to his first giggle.

The app mentions that after Leap 4, babies will start putting your hand in their own mouths.

This has also started as well as the most beautiful thing where he feels your whole face in his hands, it’s so beautifully sweet and probably one of my (many) favourite things so far!

It seriously is just another incredible reminder that while the leaps can be tough, the days and weeks that follow when those tough times have finished, are truly, truly amazing and worth it in every single possible way.

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