Leap 6: Our little army crawler

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First off, I want to say this app has been on point with every detail of each leap.

From the discoveries to the cranky moments, this app has truly help open my eyes to my little growing human’s needs during each leap.

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It is so easy to get caught up in daily life, from work commitments to household chores, life is always so demanding.

So, when your little one is demanding so much of your attention as well, it is so very easy to become frustrated with your little one, who won’t stop crying as you’re trying to finish the last bit of your report that is due for work in a few minutes.

It’s so easy to forget that this cry is really telling us something.

The moment I slow down and realize my baby is calling out for more than what he typically does, I turn to The Wonder Weeks App.

Each time, my little guy is experiencing a leap, whether it be growing physically or mentally, emotionally or socially, this app has truly helped me connect with my little guy on the level that he needs during each phase of his journey.

Leap 6

Our little guy is currently experiencing Leap Six: Categories.

At just about eight and a half months, our little guy wants to get his hands on anything and everything, especially if it is shiny/technology!

Just like every other baby, our little army crawler is very motivated by an iPhone or Xbox controller (we have replaced them with a calculator and an old touchtone phone) and becomes my vacuum along the way.

He now enjoys exploring the house and often peeks around corners, as if playing peek-a-boo before adventuring on to discover what is around each turn.

You can always see the wheels turning; from trying to stop the spinning disc or turning the wheels to observe how they work to manipulating buckles and locks. (stay tuned for our homemade busy board we are making for our Curious George)

Our little investigator likes to try to hold his food and eat his spoon.

The end is near

At about 37 weeks, our little guy seems to be coming to the end of this leap as he is exhibiting many (not all, which is expected) dramatic changes.

The end is near - Leap 6: Our little army crawler

Our little guy loves to cruise with his feet up, recently he has begun waving with his feet (and hands when they’re the only option) and gives high fives to his dad and I (he has tried to high five with his foot on occasions).

We are often stopped when we are out and about and given compliments on how cute he is. (he is often sitting back in his stroller with a little slouch and his feet kicked up on the snack tray)

I was relieved to know that his extreme obsession with his reflection in the mirror is simply because he is beginning to recognize that handsome little being in the mirror as himself, not him getting a big head from all these compliments ??

This new stage

Recently though, our typically happy-go-lucky little dude has decided to test the waters and see what a good gut-wrenching, blood-curdling scream can get him.

The end is near - Leap 6: Our little army crawler

From letting me know that he doesn’t want to go to sleep to ensuring the neighbors know that his mother has decided it is time to use the lua [bathroom] (before she needed to change into a diaper herself).

However, this stage has also brought about a more loving and affectionate baby. (we didn’t even think this was possible as we know how lucky we got with him)

He cuddles with every morsel of his sweet soul, blows raspberries and follows up with a big belly laugh and will lie in bed at 3:30 in the morning gasping until he gets your attention.

Yes, this stage has brought along crazy sleep patterns to my already wacky schedule, has caused laundry to pile up and overflow into even more rooms in the house and keeps me constantly moving to rearrange things or redirect a little mind.

But just like everything along this beautiful journey, I know it will not last forever.

My OCD self does the best she can to overlook the clothing towers to look at animals, introduce letters and numbers, read books and feel different textures.

To take him outside and play in the grass, socialize with other young and thriving minds, but mostly to build that relationship that I know I’ll never get the chance to go back and change.

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