Swimming during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may want to take a break from feeling the extra pounds your body is carrying. If so, go for a swim. Swimming during pregnancy is wonderful for your body and the baby in your belly!

Enjoy the moment of floating and feel how the water supports your back. Stand on the bottom of the pool and move your hips from left to right and vice versa. Feel how smoothly that goes? 

You can do some exercises in the water, too. Stretch the muscles in your legs by placing your heels toward your buttocks. Or keep your leg stretched and slowly lift it up. Doing these simple exercises will keep your body flexible. Of course, you can also swim some laps around the pool: it’s good for your muscles and good for your condition!

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Your baby also enjoys swimming

Zwemmen tijdens de zwangerschap is niet alleen oefeningen doen voor je gezondheid, het is ook een ideale manier om met je buikbaby te spelen! Je baby geniet namelijk ook van het zwemmen. Houd je buik aan de zijkanten vast en plaats je handen nu iets onder het midden. ‘Til’ je buik een beetje op en beweeg deze langzaam van links naar rechts. Je baby geniet van deze schommelingen en wordt er lekker rustig van. Breng eens een bezoekje aan het zwembad en ontdek zelf hoe fijn het is om te zwemmen tijdens je zwangerschap.

Swimming during pregnancy is not only good for you as a mom, but it’s also an ideal way to play with your baby in your belly! In fact, your baby also enjoys swimming too. Hold your belly on both sides and place your hands slightly below the center. ‘Lift’ your belly slightly and slowly move it from side to side. Your baby enjoys these swings and becomes calm. 

Visit the swimming pool once in a while and discover how nice it is to swim during your pregnancy.

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