Games per leap for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here again. The time of year that it’s all about spending time together with your loved ones. A fun way to spend more time together during the holiday season is through games. Games that also stimulate your child’s new skills! We have listed the best Christmas games per leap for you.

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Leap 1 – Sensations

Telling stories

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During leap 1 your baby has more attention to noises, as you can read in our app. High voices are your baby’s favorite! Sit back and hold your face close to your baby’s. Tell your little one all kinds of stories. To stay in the Christmas spirit, include stories about what you will do this Christmas, what you will eat, or who will visit. Don’t know which leap your baby is in? Calculate it with our leap calculator. 

Leap 2 – Patterns

Looking at the Christmas tree

Your child learns to recognize different patterns during leap 2. Especially objects with many shapes and colorful patterns attract your baby. You can place your baby in front of the Christmas tree so that he/she can see the top of the Christmas tree. The lights inside the Christmas tree make the patterns of the branches even more obvious and interesting. Besides looking for different Christmas patterns, there are 6 other games in our app. Try them out!

Leap 3 – Smooth transitions


Place your baby on a rug and grab a Christmassy object, such as a Christmas stocking, that he/she can easily grasp. During leap 3 your child learns that he/she can make a smooth movement and can grab a toy more easily. Hold it at arm’s length so your baby can follow the object with a smooth motion. Then hold it still so you give him/her a chance to grab the object. Want to know what skills your baby stimulates with this? Check out this game in our app.

Leap 4 – Events

Christmas balls

After leap 4, your child can see a short series of images (patterns and/or smooth transitions). For example, your child will be fascinated by the rising and falling movements of a bouncing ball. Lay or put your baby near you. Then grab a plastic!!! Christmas ball and let it bounce up and down. Do not perform this activity too quickly so your baby can observe the motion clearly. Did you know that in addition to this game, you can keep track of 76 other games in your diary in our app?

Leap 5 – Relationships


After taking leap 5, your baby understands that one thing causes another. Like pressing a button to trigger music. Sit down with your baby and press the music button on your phone together to start a Christmas song. It’s a complete party when you include gestures! In our app, you can see what skills your baby develops with this game.

Leap 6 – Categories 

Feeling different textures 

There are many categories of feeling, such as hard, soft, rough, sticky, etc. Around the holidays there are all new textures in your home. During leap 6 your baby learns to categorize things and different materials. Pick up hard and rough materials, such as the Christmas tree, and balls. Let your baby feel that these all fall within the category of ‘hard materials. After this, grab soft materials such as Christmas socks, and a Christmas tablecloth to repeat this game. In this way, they get to know what they are researching even better. Want to play more games during Christmas? Then check out all 77 games in our app.

Leap 7 – Sequences

Cooking together 

Your baby understands after leap 7 that some things are sequences of each other because they belong to one group or category. Put your baby in a chair with you while cooking Christmas meals and demonstrate what you are doing. Take an ingredient, for example, carrots. Put water in the pan and place the carrots in it. Take them out as soon as they are ready and put them on the plate so your baby can see that they are ready to be eaten. Aren’t you done with leap 7 yet? In our app you will find many more games!

Leap 8 – Programs

Hide and seek with music

Where is that sound coming from? Many babies really enjoy looking for a sound after leap 8. Many babies really enjoy finding out where a sound is coming from. Take your baby on your lap and let him/her hear a Christmas song on your phone or tablet. Then hide your phone/tablet, making sure he/she cannot see where it is hidden. When it is out of sight, encourage your baby to look for it. With this game you stimulate your little one’s new skills. Which? Find out in our app.

Leap 9 – Principles

Go outside

After leap 9, they get a step above the “programs” and love to experiment. Many toddlers love to roam around outside. They seem to be just wandering around, but in fact, they are exploring. That doesn’t mean they don’t need you: they do! After all, many endlessly ask what it is and what it is called. Go outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. See what fascinates your baby most and what he/she wants to make clear to you. Is it the Christmas lights or Santa Claus? Would you rather stay warm inside? Then check out our other games in our app.

Leap 10 – Systems


After a year and a half, your toddler starts using toys for their intended purpose. Hand your toddler some paper and pencils or pens and let your toddler color on them. Even though it will still be mostly “scribbles,” tell your toddler that this is the most beautiful “Christmas tree” or “Christmas star” you have ever seen. And as a sign of appreciation, hang the Christmas tree on the wall. That way your toddler can be proud of what he/she has made. Make Christmas even more fun with even more games from our app.

Are you dreading the holidays with your baby, toddler or preschooler? We have made a list with all the do’s and don’ts during the holidays to help you get through these fun, but sometimes stressful holidays with your little one.

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