Pregnancy Week 12

If you could see inside your belly, you would be able to tell whether you are having a son or daughter! Your baby’s gender was of course set at conception but this week, the external sexual organs are visible. Your baby’s face is becoming increasingly refined and their vocal chords are starting to develop. It will take a few more months before baby can use them for the first time! The eyes that were completely open until this point are now closed day and night. The eyelids protect the eyes that are still developing. The dark spot behind the closed eyelid will soon become the pupil. Your baby is now 2.13 inches and weighs 0.49 ounces.

Hearing the heart beat

Your baby’s heart has been beating for a few weeks but you will hear it for the first time when you visit your midwife or OB GYN. It is an emotional and wonderful moment. Your baby’s heartbeat is faster than that of an adult. It beats at about 150 beats per minute!

Pregnancy Week 12: You can hear the heart beating

And there is another milestone: that at 12 weeks. From now, the chance of a miscarriage has decreased considerably.

If you have kept your pregnancy a secret so far, the time has come to announce the happy news to everyone. You will also notice a few changes to your body. You may see swollen veins around your nipples, or your breasts seem to change into something resembling marble. This is all very normal during pregnancy. You cannot completely prevent stretch marks on your breasts.