Pregnancy Week 36

Your baby was already ‘finished’ but from now, baby will mainly gain body fat. Baby is now 18.66 inches long and weighs about 5.78 pounds.

Discharge or amniotic fluid?

You will notice that you have more slightly watery virginal discharge than normal. When you get up in the morning some liquid may run down your legs. This is completely normal. Do keep an eye out for whether it is discharge or amniotic fluid. Discharge looks white and milky, amniotic fluid is clear.

Amniotic fluid also has a sweetish odor. You know what to do when you lose amniotic fluid: call the midwife! You are probably counting down the days and minutes until next week, because your baby can be born from the 37th week. And moreover, you can have a home delivery if that’s what you want to do.

Don’t focus too much on the date, your baby could also be born two weeks after the due date (at 42 weeks). If you are not already on maternity leave, then take it now!