Pregnancy Week 2

Women with a regular four-week cycle ovulate at the end of this week. You have two fine tubes, called fallopian tubes, leading from the ovaries and the eggs cells are at the end of these fallopian tubes. Every month an egg cell ripens. When it ripens, the egg cell ‘erupts’ from the fallopian tube, which is called ovulation. That ripe egg cell then travels through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. That is where the egg cell is fertilized and a new life begins.

Egg cells are much larger than sperm cells (also called spermatozoa). Another difference between them is the level of activity. Egg cells ‘erupt’ out of the ovaries, but after that they float calmly towards the uterus in expectation of a sperm cell. The male cells are highly active. Countless sperm cells are released during ejaculation and they all race to be the first to reach the egg cell.

Watch the difficult journey of the sperm.

Most sperm cells never get that far. They die off quickly because they are abnormal; some have double heads, others no tail, and others are simply too weak to win the race. Of the few sperm cells that first reach the egg cell, there can only be one winner. The sperm that penetrates the egg cell will eventually grow into a wonderful baby. The other sperm cells are out of the running. The egg cell hermetically seals itself and the losing sperm simply die off.

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Baby Gender Predictor

Over half of people want to know their baby’s gender before they give birth. For that you have to wait until you can see it on the ultrasound from about the 17th week. But …. using this test you can get an idea of whether you’re going to buy blue or pink clothes.