Pregnancy Week 13

Your baby is now 2.91 inches and weighs 0.81 ounces. Baby is already a complete person. At the end of this week, baby will have everything that they need inside and out, though of course your baby is still too small to be born. Baby has developed all the body components and will spend the coming months growing bigger, stronger and then growing even more.

The body parts and organs that have developed will also become more refined. In thirteen weeks, baby has grown from two individual cells into a mini-person and you can thus rightly call this an enormous growth spurt. Your baby is growing quicker now that at any other point in your pregnancy and its head is comparatively large.

To do!

  • Arrange your maternity leave. It may seem early but if you sort it out now you will make things a bit easier for yourself, and the company your work at. Your employer will possibly ask for a medical statement. You can get one from your midwife or OB GYN.
  • Keep eating healthily but don’t eat for two! You will be feeling better and may get more of an appetite for treats, such as a glass of wine or a few cups of coffee. That is not sensible idea however! Read more about eating and drinking during pregnancy

From pains to pleasure

The hormone hCG that is responsible for those ailments still rules your body. But it probably affects you less now. You start to feel more comfortable in your skin and your body has become accustomed to being pregnant. At this point, many women’s sex drive increases. Having sex during pregnancy is not harmful to your baby bump.