Pregnancy Week 3

The first signs

You may already be noticing the effect hormones are having on your body and mood. It’s all very natural. From the moment the egg cell is fertilized, your body sets to work creating a safe place in the womb for baby to grow. Right after fertilization you start producing the hormone hCG. This hormone is responsible for making a safe place for your baby to grow but also for the so-called pregnancy ailments. You will start noticing some of those ailments already. Please note: not everyone experiences these discomforts! So even if you don’t notice any ailments you could still be pregnant.


Pregnancy Week 3 Nauseous

This pregnancy ailment is one of the most well-known and that’s no surprise as most women feel nauseous at the start of their pregnancy. You can even fell nauseous in the first week after fertilization. It isn’t pleasant, but it is a good sign!

Itchy and burning breasts

Pregnancy Week 3 Itchy and burning breasts

Due to all the new hormones, your breasts will grow considerably in size. The mammary glands are preparing to provide your baby with nutritious milk in a few months … and you feel that! Your breasts may feel itchy, or even feel painful. These are usually short bursts of pain.

Next week you can finally do a pregnancy test. Such a test is reliable from when your menstruation is one day late. Wait a little longer and you will know for certain!