Pregnancy Week 9

Your baby is busy strengthening and refining the bones in their body. You can see the results in baby’s face. The proportions and refinement of the facial bone structure has turned them into a super cute baby. The twenty buds for the teeth start to emerge in the jaw bones that baby has developed.

These buds continue to develop until they become teeth and come through. You will have to wait a while for that. On average babies’ get their first teeth around 6 months of age, when they can also start eating food and sit up straight. Your baby is now 0.09 inches.

From round ligaments to breasts

All kinds of things are growing in and on your body. There are two things that literally jump out at you: your décolletage has taken on proportions you’ve never experienced before. Your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. You may have noticed that your nipples have enlarged and become darker. And your breasts and nipples may also be more sensitive. This is all completely normal. Take good care of your breasts and make sure you support them properly.

From round ligaments to breasts

A pregnancy bra is perfect for this. It grows with your breasts and provides good support without feeling restrictive. Not only are your breasts growing, your womb is also developing at a rapid pace. Your womb ‘hangs’ as it were on the round ligaments in your abdomen.

Those round ligaments actually carry your womb. You can imagine that the immense growth and increase in weight puts demands on those round ligaments. You may feel that the round ligaments start hurting, for example when you are tired, have walked a lot or when you sneeze. It can do no harm. But if the pain gets too bad, you can contact your midwife or doctor for some advice. But there is probably little need for that yet.