Pregnancy Week 5

If you were able to see inside your belly, you would be really surprised with everything that is going on! Not only is your womb developing into a safe place for baby to grow, but your belly baby is also developing rapidly. In a few weeks there has been a veritable transformation. Two individual cells have developed into an embryo with the start of arms and legs! Last week, your belly baby was little bigger than a tadpole, it is now about 0.05 inches in size and can be seen with the naked eye. Well, that is if you could see inside your belly…

To do!

When you are eight to nine weeks pregnant you visit a midwife or obstetrician gynecologist (OB GYN) for the first time. The midwife or OB GYN will support you during your pregnancy, so it is very important that you feel comfortable with them. Start asking other mothers about the various midwives or OB GYNs in your neighborhood. When you have found a healthcare provider that you feel good about, make an appointment with them.

Your belly is changing and so are you

At Pregnancy Week 5 Your belly is changing and so are you

It’s only been a week since you’ve known for certain that you are pregnant. And yet, you will have gone through some immense changes these past seven days. You are responsible for a life that is growing inside of you. And as if the emotional rebirth from woman to mother is not enough to process, your body is also continually changing.

You may have more issues with the hormone hCG, which is responsible for pregnancy ailments such as nausea and tiredness. You may already have told everyone you are pregnant or you have decided to keep it to yourself until the chance of a miscarriage is considerably lower. The choice is yours. It doesn’t matter what you decide, simply enjoy the start of a wonderful period of your life.