Pregnancy Week 27

For a few weeks now, your baby has been able to hear the sounds they hear around them. They now start learning to discern those sounds better. Baby will even prefer certain sounds over others and will like lower tones more because they reverberate better in the belly.

Furthermore, your belly baby will prefer rhythmic music. So not house or jumpstyle, but classical music! There are even scientists who claim that babies who have heard a lot of classical music in the womb will have better spatial insight and are more intelligent later on. Mozart is a particularly good choice. One thing is certain: your baby enjoys it and it calms them down.

Baby is already 14.41 inches and weighs 1.93 pounds. And yet baby still has plenty of room to turn around in your womb.

Mom’s gain!

Not only is your baby bump going through a growth spirt, the scales are showing that mom is also growing in size. On average, women will gain about 14 ounces per week in the coming weeks. That is completely normal and actually very positive. You are making reserves for your baby and your body is getting ready for the birth. Do pay attention to healthy eating habits.