Pregnancy Week 21

From this week, your baby can hear! They of course don’t hear things in the same way as we do, but from now, they can hear daily sounds much better and baby starts getting used to these sounds. Your baby listens to the beating of your heart, the sound of your blood flowing, the grumbling of your bowels and all the other sounds your body makes.

As baby will be hearing these sounds for the next twenty weeks, they are also comforting sounds after birth. After your baby is born, they will enjoy these sounds when you carry them around in a baby sling. And baby will also recognize your voice and that of your partner and any siblings!

Don’t overwhelm your baby by going to a concert with loud music and vibrations that will penetrate your belly. You are best avoiding such loud noise from now. Your baby now weighs 12.70 ounces and measures about 10.5 inches!

To do!

Talk to your baby! It may feel a little strange to start with, but talking to your baby encourages the bond between you both. Baby gets familiar with your voice and it is comforting.


Your midwife or doctor will tell you, just like your mother will and anyone else you talk to, and you read it in every book: you have to take things easy when you are pregnant. You will undoubtedly have thought a hundred times: easily said, but not easily done in daily life, especially if you have other children running around to care for. Although you may not find it easy to follow this advice, the time has come to find a solution.

Set priorities and put things off that can wait. Getting some rest is not only important for you, but also for your baby growing inside of you.