Pregnancy Week 30

Your baby is now 15.71 inches and weighs 2.91 pounds. Baby is active in your belly. For instance, baby may be sucking their thumb. And with some babies you can see the results of that after birth. They have sucked so hard that they are born with a blister on their thumb.

Your baby can also grab at things! They do it unconsciously. They may play with the umbilical cord, grabbing it and turning it round.

To do!

You could be giving birth in seven weeks! So, it is high time to make sure you have the layette set sorted out. And that is, of course, a lovely thing to do!

You can feel it in your back

Pregnancy Week 30: Lower back and pelvic discomfort

You start to feel those extra pounds you are carrying around. At this point, most women start having some kind of pain in their lower back or pelvis. Always discuss this with your midwife or doctor. They can check whether the discomfort you are having is normal or give you tips to help.

You could perhaps also buy a maternity belt or belly band to support your belly, back and round ligaments, which should offer some relief. If required a physiotherapist could help with tips and exercises for your posture.

It is still too early for real contractions. You may however notice your that your stomach feels hard every so often.