Pregnancy Week 33

This week your baby is 17.2 inches and weighs around 4.23 pounds. If your baby were to be born now, the delivery would probably take place in a hospital with your OB GYN, but a premature birth now shouldn’t have any major consequences. Another milestone reached!

That nesting instinct

You will notice that that ‘inward process’ has reached a highpoint. You are a bit absent minded, you forget things, you knock your large belly against the table for the umpteenth time when you push in your chair and you don’t hear someone speaking to you.

These things are all very normal and part of pregnancy. Your body is larger and it’s getting heavier by the day. Not surprising then that you knock it every so often. And then add to that the absent mindedness! Another typical phenomenon just before birth is the nesting instinct.

All of a sudden you feel the need to clean everything. Before you know it, you have armed yourself with a brush and duster and are scrubbing the room. You want nothing more than for everything to be perfect for when baby arrives.